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Let’s Get Social in Our Terms

Social media words have made their way into nearly every aspect of our lives. Its terminology is now part of our literary world as well.

  • Google made its way into Merriam-Webster’s in 2006 as a verb. While M-W recognizes both the capped and uncapped variations, the folks at Google are touchy about using the term for just any search engine. If you’re using Google, fine. But with another search engine, the preferred phrasing is: “I did an Internet search.” Because Google is a trademarked name, it is capitalized.
  • Twitter and tweets are (excuse the pun) birds of a different feather. Because Twitter is another trademarked/brand name and to distinguish it from sound a bird makes, capitalize Twitter, but the most accepted style for tweet, since it’s a verb form of an action and not directly derived from the company name, is to lowercase that word.
  • In another lifetime text referred only to the printed word. Now that texting is a popular way of communicating, new uses of the word are part of our vocabulary. Texting is now both a verb and a noun. As such it has a present (texting) and past (texted) tense.
  • And what about the terminology related to signing in to your computer? Are logon and login nouns? Verbs? One word? Two words?

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