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A Word about Dumb Spell-Checkers

I’m of the opinion we should do away with spell-checkers. For one thing, they’re a bit like calculators (except flawed). Remember when you had to actually learn and memorize your multiplication tables? Anyone recall how to do long division? Oh-no! What do you do if your smartphone dies at the restaurant and you have no way to calculate the 15% tip? Boy, will you be in trouble.

Okay . . . I’m sure I made my point. What’s so wrong about learning how to spell well? Sure, even the smartest and most learned have to look up the spelling of a word on occasion (unless you’re a national spelling bee champion, but those people study the dictionary, like, eight hours a day). And another thing: spell-checkers are often just plain wrong. To me, it’s like giving the kid with the D in English the job of correcting everyone’s spelling. Say what?

Run this sentence through your spell-checker: “The ideal candidate will posses great charisma.” Your checker will not catch the misspelling of posses, which, to it, is the plural of posse. Spell-checkers don’t get grammar, and they can’t think. Really.

Sure, you can catch some mistakes with your spell-checker, but please don’t rely on it to do a thorough and accurate job. Spend some time and learn how to spell. Study grammar. You want to be a great writer? Be a great speller while you’re at it. Learn how to conjugate verbs correctly. All the effort you put out to master your language can only help you in the long run to be a stronger writer. Enough said. Now, enjoy this poem that shows why you might need a human proofreader to correct your writing (author anonymous):

I have a lovely spelling check
That came with my PC,
Witch plainly marks, four my revue,
Miss takes I can not sea.
I’ve run this poem threw the thing.
I’m sure your please too no.
It’s latter perfect in every weigh.
My checker tolled me sew.

Happy righting!