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The Writer’s Tactical Plan

For this last week of 2022, I’m wrapping up the monthlong look at strategic planning for writers. I’ve been going over the four basic elements writers need to consider to put together a real plan that is practical, efficient, and useful. These four elements are vision, strategy, tactics, and action.

I’ve covered the first two a bit and discussed how to come up with milestones to place along your journey to reach your vision.

Now we’re going to look at tactics and action.

My hope is that by going over these posts and writing out your strategy, you’ll get a clear vision for what you’d like your writing career to look like by the end of next year, as well as what you’d like to accomplish.

By breaking down your dream into bite-sized pieces, you can really manage it! Continue Reading…

How to Strategize Your Writing Milestones

For the last few weeks I’ve been delving into creating a practical, realistic strategic goal for your writing career. What this really comprises is many small milestones leading to perhaps many writing goals.

I touched on the first  two of four components needed in formulation your strategic goal for one or more years, and those are vision and strategy. Next week I’ll wrap up with tactics and action.

We looked at how important it is to set up milestones or mile markers by working backward from your vision of where you see your writing career by the end of 2023. With each specific goal you hope to reach, you want to come up with specific milestones that are doable in a certain amount of time. Working backward is the best way to do this. Continue Reading…

How to Strategically Set Writing Benchmarks

We’re continuing our journey through strategic planning. Be sure to get the free ebook by joining my mailing list!

In the last two posts I introduced the components writers need in order to formulate a practical, usable strategic plan for their writing career. Instead of wandering aimlessly, writers can envision what they want their careers to look like in a year, two years, even five years, and reach a specific destination: the realization of their vision.

Last week I looked at the first element needed to consider in strategic planning: the vision itself. Hopefully you filled in the blanks for all those vision statements and now are ready to tackle the next step: creating your strategy. I’m also going to touch on milestones a bit here and continue on in next week’s post. Continue Reading…

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