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The Key to Unlocking Your Writing Potential

Today’s guest post is by Jason Binder.

We as humans love to be private. We don’t want the world around us to know what is going on in our lives. We keep our deepest, darkest secrets to ourselves. The problem is, this can eat at us. And eat at us to our very core, in fact.

While we all should have some level of privacy in our lives and for the well-being of our families, we often want to conceal our shortcomings, inadequacies, and mishaps from others. If we have no dark secrets to hide, then we should be less prone to live in the dark.

What if in our lives, in our interactions with other people, and even in our writing, we stepped out from the darkness and stepped into the land of vulnerability? In looking at synonyms for the word vulnerable, “defenselessness” is one word that pops up. This surely is not the context that I am speaking of here, and, truth is, we are more defenseless when we seek to hide in the dark and feel we need to run away from things that we are looking to cover up.

Another synonym for vulnerable is “openness.” What if we were more open—open with others and open with ourselves? Continue Reading…