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5 Practical Goals for Writers to Avoid Overwhelm

Sometimes the writing journey feels overwhelming. There aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish the mind-boggling amount of things we writers feel must get done in order to grow not just as writers but in order to establish our place in the publishing world.

Years ago, all an author had to do was write a book and send it off to a publisher (one handwritten copy at a time!), and if her manuscript was accepted, the publisher did all the work of publishing and promoting.

Now, authors have to be writer, marketer, publicist—and sometimes publisher—in order to make strides to become known and to have their books sold and distributed.

And still, after long hours each week applying ourselves to so many career-promoting tasks, we may feel frustrated and unsure whether we’ve accomplished anything at all.

And our books? Well, sometimes we don’t even have time to write, it seems. Continue Reading…

5 Methods to Help You Meet Your Writing Goals

Today’s guest post is by Lisa Rowan:

Whether you’re kicking off the new year by tackling a new writing project, or are hoping to revisit your work with fresh eyes, finding the motivation can be tough. After all, you are your own worst critic, and beating back any negative thoughts you have about the quality of your work or how productive you’ve been can feel impossible at times.

There are countless methods to help you write more, and you could read entire series of books on the topic. But which tips will work best for you?

The methods below are just a few that have worked well for me. Sure, I still have plenty of days when I don’t feel like writing, or I get frustrated when I can’t find the exact word I’m searching for. I still fall into the black hole of Facebook feed-scrolling or Wikipedia exploration. But I know I can always come back to one of these methods to clear my head and refocus my efforts. Continue Reading…

5 Tips for Making Writing a Daily Habit

Today’s guest post is by blogger Julie Ellis.

What does it take to become a writer? Do you earn the title of author the moment your writing is published or the moment somebody pays you for it? Of course not! You become a writer when writing becomes part of your daily routine.

You become a writer when you write as if it is a job and not simply an activity in which you indulge when inspiration and spare time make it convenient to do so. Unfortunately, transitioning from a person who writes to a writer isn’t an easy task. If you are used to writing only when writing is easy, you’re going to struggle to sit at your workstation each day and produce something. When your initial efforts aren’t very good, and they won’t be, you’ll wonder why you bother.

This is when you’ll really need to commit to writing each day. Eventually, you’ll see your writing improve, and you’ll no longer have to wait for inspiration to produce great content.

Are you interested in making the transition? Here are five tips that you can use on your journey. Continue Reading…

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