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Inside Tips on How Authors Can Get Their Novels Made into Films

Today’s guest post is from Mike Monaco, of Author’s Marketing Pro:

Blockbuster movies based on books, such as The Hunger Games, make authors think about how they too can turn self-published books into movies. The studio trend towards self-published material is something savvy authors can capitalize on, if they hope to see their stories on the big screen.

At Author’s Marketing Pro, I work closely with both authors and movie producers. Instead of focusing on New York Times bestsellers, movie studios are increasingly interested in self-published material. Both Wool by Hugh Howey and The Martian by Andy Weir were self-published books later sold to Twentieth-Century Fox to be turned into movies. These books garnered the producer’s attention by first becoming bestsellers on Amazon.com.  It was only after this that they became New York Times bestsellers. Continue Reading…