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Self-Published Authors Share 5 Things They Learned in 2012 ~ Part 12

Today’s guest post concludes the 12-part series I’ve launched in this new year: asking self-published authors what are the top 5 things they’ve learned in the last year. I hope hearing from these various authors, who are at different places in their publishing journey, helps you navigate the convoluted and confusing maze of indie publishing and give you ideas on how best to spend your time so that it produces the results you desire in your writing career.

Today’s guest post is from Alison Ripley Cubitt:

Between us, Sean and I have been writing for years and have over ten published books, numerous articles, as well as two screenplay credits, but chose to go down the indie route, as this was the first time we’d cowritten fiction. Although we got good feedback from agents and publishers, we felt that there was a danger our thriller would dated if we didn’t go ahead and self-publish.  With my background in film and television production, I figured that indie publishing was very similar to indie filmmaking. All the filmmakers I know have been working this way for decades, so I embraced this method of getting our novel out there. Here are the five most important things we learned in 2012: Continue Reading…