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Using Beta Readers to Help You Write Your Best Novel

Today’s guest post is by editor and writer Stuart Horwitz:

Writing is an act of communication, so it is only natural that you would want to show your work to other people. So then the questions arise: When should I show my work to beta readers? What should I show them? And how can I manage the process so that I get the most out of it?

Let’s back up for a second and define what a beta reader is. A beta reader is an individual who reads your work before it is finished and offers you feedback. Not just any feedback though—constructive feedback. Useful, motivating, eye-opening feedback. Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

When I teach a writing class, I mention there are two things you’re not allowed to say about someone’s work. You can’t say “I love it,” and you can’t say “I guess I’m just not your audience” (which is code for “I hate it”). Continue Reading…