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Do You CRAVE Success?

We’re going to take a look at success and your concept of it. If you can determine what kind of success you crave, and weigh how important it is to you, you can then set some goals–practical goals–that will help you achieve that sense of success.

I believe it really is possible to feel successful even if your books aren’t getting sold or are selling “poorly.” And of course, in time, maybe your books will sell in a bigger way that will bring you some great joy.

With the trends in eBook publishing, a good book has a chance of growing in sales and gaining faithful readers over time. Using the concept of 1,000 true fans, a writer can find great satisfaction in interacting with and writing to a core group of devoted readers. I’ve posted some key thoughts about this in earlier posts, if you want to take a look , but in the meantime, let’s take a look at CRAVE. Continue Reading…

Persistence Often Leads to Publication

What are your real hopes and dreams for your writing career? How vital are they to your sense of self-worth? If all your happiness is contingent on becoming a huge success in commercial terms, then you know you’re in for disappointment. You may reach that goal one day, but what are you feeling in the meantime? What does your day-to-day attitude look like? Continue Reading…

The True Prize That Comes From a Significant Writing Life

I mentioned I have a desire for a new type of writing community—what I would call Writing for Your Life. I picked that title because it reminds me of Running for Your Life—which is all about survival, exhaustion, and endurance. And sometimes the writing life feels like a grueling marathon race with no end in sight.

Or maybe there’s an end in sight with lots of  confetti, ribbons, and trophies—but only a few seem to be making it toward that receding finish line. For you, it’s like a mirage in the desert that keeps moving away the closer you try to get to it. And you just keep running and looking off in the distance where those few wildly successful authors are eating up the accolades and smiling in the bright lights of stardom. It can sometimes make you despair and want to quit. Continue Reading…