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Indie Author Learns Something New Every Day

I’ve been featuring guest bloggers who’ve had some success with self-publishing, in print and with ebooks. Some have been traditionally published and others have ventured out as indie authors. By having many authors writing in various genres around the world speak about the publishing experience and sharing helpful tips, hopefully their insights and suggestions will smooth out your road to success.

Today’s guest post is by author Elaine Orr:

I started out trying to sell fiction to traditional publishers. Sometimes an editor or agent would write a paragraph about what they liked and say it “just wasn’t for them right now,” and I appreciated their encouragement. Finally, I decided to just write what I liked and created a cozy mystery series with a set of characters who like some of the things I enjoy (living near the beach) and have a similar quirky humor. Nothing autobiographical, just fun to write. Luckily, the first book of the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series did not sell to a traditional publisher, so I stopped submitting after a few tries and wrote the next two books. As I did so, I developed the characters more fully and ended up changing the first book (Appraisal for Murder) a bit. Continue Reading…