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Your Publishing Journey—An Obstacle Course

Today’s guest post is from Shannon Young, who shares a great story of how she pursued a writing dream and learned ways to overcome obstacles. 

Unless you are the Usain Bolt of self-publishing, chances are good that you have worried about how to find readers. You don’t have ten-second world-is-watching moments, but you are looking for ways to get the audience’s attention. You are running toward a goal, and you want the world to take notice.

My original gold-medal goal was to find an agent for a travel memoir about the year I followed a man I met at a fencing club to Hong Kong. I queried and got some full requests, but regularly heard that it’s difficult to sell a memoir without a hefty platform. In an effort to find my own audience, I self-published a 20,000-word travel memoir about my adventures at the Beijing Olympics. Continue Reading…