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5 Top Posts of 2016 to Get You Geared Up for Success

I don’t know about you, but somehow I lost about six months. Last time I checked, it was June or July. Now we’re facing down 2017. Yikes!

Did the time get away from you too?

I’ve been thinking hard about what topics to delve into on Live Write Thrive next year. I launched this blog in January of 2012, and in five years I’ve covered a gazillion topics. But certain topics keep rising to the surface of readers’ comments and responses to my question: What do you need? What information will help you become the writer you want to be and see the success you dream of?

I would love it if you shared in the comments just what you are struggling with and what would help you in your writing journey.

I created a survey earlier this year, and I’ve had hundreds of responses (I still haven’t gotten through them all!). But I saw some concerns repeated by many, and I’ll be addressing those both on my blog and in my newsletter blasts in 2017. One topic in particular I’m excited to expound on is productivity.

Which brings me back to this concept of lost time. I believe we all struggle with time management. Maybe time is speeding up and we just don’t know it. But whether it is or not, life is faster paced than it was even five years ago, we have more demands on our time than ever, and we are more distracted than ever (mostly because of the tech that is practically attached to our umbilical cords). Continue Reading…

Tips for Strategizing Your Writing Career

For Throwback Thursday, we’re looking at excerpts from past posts on Live Write Thrive. Today’s post is from The “Strategy” in Strategic Planning for Writers:

Once you have a vision for your writing career, it’s not all that hard to create a strategy to reach it.

But you want to be realistic when it comes to meeting your goals.

Let’s say you wrote down that by the end of the year you want to have self-published three novels as ebooks. Now, the benchmarks you need in order to reach that goal have to be practical. If you haven’t even started writing any of those three books, do you really believe you can have three done, edited, polished, formatted with cover design, and uploaded all in those twelve months? Continue Reading…

Real Giving during the Giving Season

Are you scratching your head too? I can’t figure out where the year went. Every year seems to go by faster than the last. I could swear time is actually speeding up.

That said, I didn’t get half the things done this year that I’d hoped. Life got hectic (even more so), and sometimes my brain rebelled. I’m sure many of you feel as I do—that you’re being pulled in way too many directions and it’s hard to concentrate. On the other hand, if I look at all I accomplished in the past twelve months, it’s pretty substantial. So I have a choice: I can either be hard on myself and push myself harder, or I can stop and appreciate all the things I got done.

That appreciation, to me, needs to encompass more than just big things, like books published or hitting a best-seller list or making bank one month on book sales. We tend to focus on the big things and value them more than the little things (that really aren’t “little”). Continue Reading…

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