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Forming Your Strategic Vision for Your Writing Career

We’re continuing our dive into strategic planning, looking at a series of posts I wrote ten years ago that are just as pertinent and useful today. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list (click on the link on the right) and get the ebook on strategic planning for writers!

In last week’s post I introduced the four things we need to look at when planning our writing careers: vision, strategy, tactics, and action. Rather than have a nebulous idea of what we want to achieve as writers, it’s helpful and wise to think about the goals we want to reach.

Then we want to take our vague vision and form it into something not only specific but laid out with reasonable milestones to reach at certain steps along the way.

By transforming our vision into doable steps, we can measure our success, reevaluate the milestones and goals as we go along, and hone that vision into a reality with its resultant rewards. Continue Reading…

The 4 Things You Need for Writing Success

It’s that time of year again! I’m bringing back the series of posts I wrote nearly ten years ago to help you strategically plan your writing career. It helps to assess where you’ve been on your journey and what you envision for the new year. Dive in!

Since 2022 is winding down and many of us start looking ahead to a new year with hope, anticipation, and uncertainty, I want to devote the last few posts of this year to something I feel is essential for all writers (and probably for just about everyone with any career goals whatsoever): strategic planning.

Some of you are probably groaning, for planning sounds a lot like plotting or marketing or promoting—just another thing that times time, effort, and yes—thought! Strategic planning sounds “corporate” to me—all business and no fun. Certainly not as much fun as just winging it with my writing in a creative flair without caring what the future holds.

But most of us have some goals for our writing life. Maybe they’re a bit vague, like we want to become best-selling authors, or we want a lot of fans. I’d like to propose that in order to really succeed in your writing career, though, you really need to get a little more specific. Continue Reading…

4 Strategic Actions for a Productive Writing Year

At the end of every year, I blog about planning. The new year is looming on the horizon, and to many it feels like the chance at a fresh start. We can say good riddance to 2020—for so many reasons, to be sure. But I also hope you spent some time writing and improving your writing chops.

Some people have been too busy and stressed to focus on their writing, but my hope is that in the coming months, space will open up, and the writing will flow.

If writing is more than a hobby for you—or you hope that will be the case this next year—you should already be starting to think about your career strategy. If you don’t have my strategic planning guide (you can get it by subscribing to my blog, on the side bar), grab it and start working in it!

Many writers work hard on their marketing plans and book launches, but they haven’t taken the time to lay out a vision for the long-term. A career isn’t about writing and publishing one book. Though, if that’s all you want to do, that’s fine.

However, even with one book published, you still want to present yourself as a professional author and build a reader base and get notoriety and great sales. Who know? Maybe if your book generates a lot of interest, it may inspire you to write more books. I hope so! Continue Reading…

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