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3 More Ways to Spark Passion in Your Writing

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re looking at an excerpt from a previous post titled Ways Writers Can Spark Creativity.

Writers are always seeking the spark of creativity that will translate into a flame of brilliance as they write their stories. Although much of writing is just hard work and concentration, that doesn’t mean passion for story has to be pushed aside or is inaccessible due to the “nuts and bolts” of crafting a novel or other piece of writing.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at what passion looks like in writing and some of the ways writers can tap into the passion of their story.

Granted, it helps for a writer to be writing on a subject they feel strongly about. It may be a theme the writer wants to explore as a way to share her heart on the subject. Or it may be an exciting “what if” plot that gets her creative juices going envisioning the diverse and intriguing ways characters might react when put in such situations or crucibles. Continue Reading…

6 Tips on What to Do with Those Great Writing Ideas

Today’s guest post is by Alex Limberg:

Everybody has advice on where you can find ideas for your next book and what to do if you run out of inspiration, but what about the opposite problem? What if you have a pool of too many ideas, but none of them seems ready to go; they just feel very . . . thin?

Well, that’s a great problem to have. It means there is something inside you that wants to get onto paper—you just have to create the best possible funnel for it.

How can you make sure an idea gets from your head to your screen in the best way possible? How can you best nurture and support your idea? Continue Reading…