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What Does it Take to Be a Real Writer?

Today’s guest post is by Sara Crawford.

Writing has always been my life.

I have been writing ever since I was very young. When I was in the first grade, I used to write little plays and have the neighborhood kids perform them on the driveway. (“But, Sara, I want to play baseball.” “You have to rehearse.”)

I have written poetry, novels, nonfiction, songs, plays, and screenplays. I got an undergraduate degree in English and a master’s degree in creative writing. There’s a Morrissey song in which he says, “She lives for the written word, and people come second or possibly third.” That’s always been me.

So when I graduated from grad school, I naturally expected that I would immediately make a living as a writer. I had to start freelancing to make ends meet. I discovered that everyone needed web content, and a lot of people were willing to pay for it. Continue Reading…

5 Submission Tips from an Editorial Reader

Today’s guest post is by Charlotte Oakeby.

In order to further my own literary skills, I recently decided to dip my toe into the metaphorical waters of editorial reading. And, as a seventeen-year-old, I was hoping to provide an alternative perspective when it came to selecting submissions for publication. It’s a huge responsibility—of that I’m well aware.

Already I’ve managed to source some tricks and store them up my sleeve. I thought it would be rude to keep them under lock and key, considering that I know the struggles of submitting only too well.

So, here’s my gift to you: five submission tips from an editorial reader. Continue Reading…

Personal Coaching for Fiction Writers

NEW! Personal Coaching!

Writing a novel is complex and requires a deep understanding of scene and novel structure. It always requires mastery in writing. Thousands of novels are published each day, but few are stellar and rise above the crowd. Writers today need to be experts at storytelling, and that takes time, practice, and intense instruction.

Due to numerous requests, I’ve put together a personal coaching package for writers who want help with their writing month after month. Here’s what makes my coaching package unique and irresistable:

  • No obligation to commit to a length of time. Most coaching packages require writers to sign up for months or a year (requiring you to invest thousands of dollars). With my coaching package you can opt in month by month and opt out anytime you like!
  • You get an hour phone consultation (value: $150), 20 pages of your writing critiqued (value: $200), and 20% off extra pages of critique and/or any material edited or proofread during that month (there will be some limitations on length, depending on my schedule and what I can fit in).

The price? Only $299 per month! In other words, you are getting a deal! This is to help writers who need personal guidance with their novel. Whether you are just starting, are partway through a draft, or have finished a first draft, getting this kind of targeted, personal help is essential. Continue Reading…

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