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5 Simple Practices to Eliminate Writer’s Block and Attract Creative Ideas

Today’s post is by Mukesh Mani.

How wonderful it feels to be in that zone, where you are totally lost in your writing; ideas flowing effortlessly, writing without a break for a good few hours. Nothing can replace that feeling for a writer. It’s like driving a car in top gear on a buttery smooth road with no traffic.

But not every day is the same, and sometimes we are faced with moments of extreme frustration when ideas just won’t flow, sentences stop midway, and there is a whole lot of backspacing and deleting to the point where we even start doubting our skills as a writer!

All of these non-flowy, stop-and-go traffic moments can be summed up into two words: writer’s block.  And it has spared none; from world-renowned writers to absolute beginners, everyone has experienced it.

Stress, anxiety, self-doubt, fear, distractions, an uninspiring subject, and pressure of a deadline are some of the many factors that can give rise to these non-flowy moments. Continue Reading…

How to Process a Rejection Letter

 Today’s guest post is by Antwan Crump. 

You’ve done it! You’ve toiled over the illuminated white screen of your computer for weeks, months, years, or even decades. You’ve done the work. You’ve done the study. You’ve taken the advice. You’ve literally done everything in your power to complete that novel of yours.

This one isn’t like the others. You’re seasoned now—poised to take the literary world by storm. You’ve sent out query letters and curriculum vitae to strangers and “connections” alike.

You lay your head down and despite your sweaty palms, trembling fingers, and clicking teeth you manage to exhale and think, Job well done.

You may not believe it, but there have been hundreds and thousands of authors that have experienced those same exact things. The feelings of doubt and uncertainty hold sway. They’ve pushed through—as you have—and gotten the work done anyway. Continue Reading…

Create the Storm, Then Tame It!

Today, I want to talk about brainstorming. I love that word. It succinctly describes what goes on in a writer’s mind when in the throes of creating a novel.

I imagine we all spend large blocks of time stirring up the storm. Thinking up characters and scene ideas and twists and cool ways to bring out the themes we want to explore.

A mind is an amazing thing! But it can be hard to harness that storm of ideas and funnel them into something cohesive. I picture Ol’ Ben out in the storm with his kite, the key dangling from the string, hoping lightning will zap the kite and travel the string to the key.

What then? Did he stick the key in a jar, hoping the electricity would be trapped like a firefly? I can’t remember the story.

Can you really trap electricity in a jar? Maybe if you have a tight lid. And then what can you do with it? Well, a few smarties figured that out, and now I can turn on a switch and voila! Light. I’m grateful for electricity because it powers my computer. Continue Reading…

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