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A Secret Method for Selling a Lot of Books

Today’s guest post is by author and promoter Nick Thacker. He guest-posted earlier this year to great response on the topic of networking, so I am letting him hog a little more space here on Live Write Thrive to share some more great tips.

When I pitched this post originally, I was asked to provide insight as to what has “worked” for me as an author, as far as sales, marketing, and promotion is concerned. That made me think.

Am I really successful? How many books do I have to sell—or how many blog subscribers do I need to have—to be considered “successful?” Certainly it’s a subjective question, but I’ve had people ask me before what I’ve done to get to my current “success,” so I guess it’s time to do some self-examination. Continue Reading…

Sell Your Passion without Selling Your Soul

Today’s guest post is by Matthew Turner, marketing consultant and author, and he has some great insights to share about merging your passion for writing with the practical business side of marketing your book.

You’ve just written “The End.” Quite possibly it’s the most poetic part of your entire novel. You’ve written 80,000 words, drafted scenes, character profiles, and emptied your brain of every last drop of inspiration. You’re done–both in terms of your story and your sanity.

This, simply put, is your baby. You want to protect it. You want to make sure people love it as much as you do. However, you also want to sell millions of copies. You want people to read your masterpiece, write glowing reviews, and look to you in awe. You want your art–your passion–to touch souls and help people.

Does this sound like you? If it does, you know there’s one giant problem. Continue Reading…

10 Reasons to Self-Publish–No More Excuses

I so enjoyed this list of 10 reasons to skip traditional publishing by Robert Bidinotto at PJ Media.com under their Lifestyle section on May 29th that I’m going to repost (reiterate) them here. After having “waited” 23 years to get published, spending all that time hearing my agents (six of them in total) tell me what a great writer I was and how they were sure they’d be able to sell my book(s) any second, I finally did get my first traditional publishing contract through a contest I entered. It was a big contract with one of the “Big Six” publishers. I thought when that book came out (my suspense/drama Someone to Blame), I would finally, finally, be on my way to best-sellerdom. It was a breakout novel—a shoo-in. Was I wrong.

Continue Reading…

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