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Last Day to Get $100 off My Targeting Genre Course!

My brand-new comprehensive course, Targeting Genre for Big Sales, is getting great response. Authors have been writing me and sharing their successes: big sales, hitting the tops of the search results and Amazon best-seller lists.

What I teach in my course is not a mystery or anything complicated. But it’s a compilation and distillation of years of experimentation and suffering disappointing results from numerous marketing approaches.

What I learned goes against what most authors are taught: that they need to put the most effort into building their author platform.

I’ll just say this: all the author platform in the world will get you nowhere if you don’t know how to target genre and target Amazon in a smart way. You can write a terrific book and never, ever sell more than a handful of copies if you don’t know how to optimize for big sales.

In my course I teach you everything I know about selling big on Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller. Continue Reading…

How to Hit #1 On Amazon’s Bestseller List—Repeatedly

Today’s post is written by author Garry Rodgers:

Every writer dreams of hitting #1 on the big dog’s bestseller list. Amazon is the world’s largest bookseller and has the largest search-engine capacity—second only to Google.

Amazon offers over four million books in their online store and grows by 4,200 per day. That’s a lot of competition. But in the last five weeks, four of my Amazon Kindle ebooks nailed the #1 free spot and the fifth went to #2 in their categories.

How’d I pull this off? And how can you do the same?

Well, the bestselling secret is not in organic sales. It’s in manipulating SEO. Search Engine Optimization. It’s worked for me, and here’s how working Amazon’s system will work for you. Continue Reading…

Tips on How Writers Can Deconstruct to Nail Genre

This month, with the launch of my highly anticipated online course, I’ve been directing your attention to the need to understand and target genre.

Why is this important? Because all too often writers work hard to pen a novel without any thought to genre. Sure, they might know they’re writing a mystery or a fantasy novel, but they haven’t thought of the end goal—which is to get that book in the hands (or onto the ereader device) of the audience they are writing for.

When asked “Who is your audience? Who are you writing this book for?” many writers really don’t know. Sure, they hope those mystery lovers will love their book. But if those writers haven’t done their homework and studied iconic novels in that genre, their books aren’t going to quite fit. Kind of like Cinderella’s stepsisters trying to force that tiny glass slipper onto their big fat feet.

Why is this a problem? Because, as I mentioned in last week’s post, you’re creating a product and hoping that product meets reader expectations. If you target a wide audience by labeling your novel merely as “mystery,” you’re generalizing, and hence competing with hundreds of thousands of other books. Continue Reading…

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