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On the Importance of Having a Community

Today’s guest post is by M. K. Rainey.

It’s amazing to me how some writers can go their entire careers without ever having a solid community. In fact, I’d argue that’s impossible.

Even the most Luddite and reclusive of authors have a community (obviously outside of social media), whether that’s family, friends, or loyal fans—if they’re lucky enough to be even somewhat successful.

Readers don’t just plop into your lap once you write a book, short story, poem, or essay. To find readers, you have to start with some kind of community. Family and friends are the most obvious starting place, but what if writers could be more supportive and help create that initial platform to share one another’s voices?

It’s hard to do. We have social media communities, like this one, where folks come together to like, repost, and share work. But most of that communication has a lifespan of fifteen seconds before dropping into the endless, digital ocean in which we toil. Continue Reading…

What Will You Sacrifice to Be a Better Writer?

Today’s guest post is by Beth Cadman.

Before taking the plunge to write full-time, I often found myself imagining how wonderful it must be.

To be able to manage my own time, to work wherever and whenever I wanted.

To sit in coffee shops, looking fantastically artistic and observing the world passing by, while the inspiration for a new book just “came to me.”

To never have another pointless team meeting again, or create another project management document, or Excel spreadsheet, or be bossed around by my very bossy boss.

To have the unwavering support of family and friends, who would eagerly read everything I wrote.

To live my life knowing that I wasn’t just another sucker in the rat race, that I was true to myself, and inevitably, definitely, the universe would reward me for that by making me a celebrated, world-famous author in no time at all. Continue Reading…

5 Writing Lessons Learned from Margaret Atwood

Today’s guest post is by Dave Chesson.

Thanks to the golden age of television, Margaret Atwood is finally gaining the recognition she deserves.

Don’t get me wrong. Atwood has always been known for publishing politically provocative, emotionally engaging fiction.

However, due to the runaway success of the Handmaid’s Tale, not to mention the topical relevance of the themes to which it speaks, Margaret Atwood is on the radar like never before. This has only increased with the announcement of her upcoming new novel.

So what does this mean for you as a writer?

First, take inspiration. It’s possible to publish the story you truly want to tell, with a controversial political message, and still experience the maximum extent of success possible. Continue Reading…

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