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Play for Pay: Leisure Yields Ideas for Marketable Stories

Today’s guest post is from my inspiring author friend Karen O’Connor:

On days when ideas and words are scarce, I no longer force myself to sit at my desk and stew about it. I get up and do something else. I meet a friend for an early-morning hike. I walk with my husband around our community. I prune and water our plants. I write in my journal.

Out of the “something else,” ideas for books, essays, stories, and articles come to me more easily. I’m always surprised, even though this practice has never failed me. The more relaxed and rested I am, the more quickly my mind delivers the kind of material I can turn into marketable submissions. For example:

Squeeze the Moment: Making the Most of Life’s Gifts and Challenges (Regal Books) was largely written in my mind as I walked each day along the beach, months before I put my thoughts on paper. Continue Reading…

Go Ahead—Ignore Your Novel!

Today’s guest post is by author and writing professor Catharine Bramkamp, who has really great advice for novelists!

I’m in the middle of ignoring my novel.

It’s a full-time job.

One of the most difficult parts of creating a novel is knowing when to leave it alone. But growing and nurturing the space between the first draft and the second draft is the most important thing you can do for your work. Continue Reading…

5 Tips to Avoiding Total Disaster as a Novelist

Today’s guest post is by copywriter, editor, and educator Jessica Millis:

Anyone who has ever read (or written) a book knows about the old saying that everyone has a book in them. I can’t deny this. Everyone does have a book in them. Unfortunately, people often leave out the asterisk. Just because you have a book in you doesn’t mean it’s going to be good.

Most novels in the online and offline market today are garbage. They’re pumped full of high-powered marketing and geared towards people who will likely read them once on a long flight. Continue Reading…

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