Last Day to Get $100 off My Targeting Genre Course!

My brand-new comprehensive course, Targeting Genre for Big Sales, is getting great response. Authors have been writing me and sharing their successes: big sales, hitting the tops of the search results and Amazon best-seller lists.

What I teach in my course is not a mystery or anything complicated. But it’s a compilation and distillation of years of experimentation and suffering disappointing results from numerous marketing approaches.

What I learned goes against what most authors are taught: that they need to put the most effort into building their author platform.

I’ll just say this: all the author platform in the world will get you nowhere if you don’t know how to target genre and target Amazon in a smart way. You can write a terrific book and never, ever sell more than a handful of copies if you don’t know how to optimize for big sales.

In my course I teach you everything I know about selling big on Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller.

After more than four years of studying Amazon (and failing miserably to sell my books online), I finally developed a method that worked, and using an unknown pen name, I published a book that made me a steady $3,000 a month for many months.

There are 2 focuses that helped me do it:

1. Optimizing my book for “Amazon SEO”
2. Carefully selecting a moneymaking genre before I even started my book

Obviously both of these take hours to unpack.

And that’s why I reveal every single thing I’ve discovered about them in my new Targeting Genre course. It’s the ultimate resource for designing a novel with the best chance to sell like wildfire on Amazon.

Take this course if 

  • you already know how to write a novel (this course will not teach you to write).
  • you’re willing to put in the time and energy writing an interesting book that people will want to read.
  • OR you’ve already finished your book, people like it, and you want to take advantage of Amazon’s “SEO system” to spike monthly sales.
  • you know how to follow a simple step-by-step plan without deviating from it.
  • you’re the type of person who learns something valuable and then actually takes ACTION on what you’ve learned.
  • you are mentally prepared for the exposure you may receive.

If I’ve described you, you’re going to be a perfect fit inside this system and likely see success!

You can register for the Targeting Genre for Big Sales course here.

The coupon code LIVEWRITETHRIVE will give you $100 off. BUT it’s only good TODAY ONLY ! The link already applies the code for you, so just click ENROLL and sign up. Regular price is $397 US. So the discount, today only, is $297.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it for any reason, so why not check it out?

If you’re not ready to take the course, no worries! It will be offered in my online school indefinitely. And you’ll have lifetime access to the course and be notified when new modules are added.

Novelists today need all the help they can get to succeed, but there is way too much information out there. We are buried alive under all the advice. My aim with this course is to help you sift through what works and what doesn’t, and what’s worth spending time on and what’s not.

Any questions? Feel free to CONTACT me and I’ll give you more details!

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  1. I was interested enough to click through to learn more. You’re using this currently popular sales technique of not telling the price unless I click further through.

    Just FYI, I won’t click further through. Ever. I didn’t find the info I needed — the cost — so I closed the page.

    It’s not just you. I won’t click through on any page that does that. I absolutely despise smarmy marketing tactics like that. How about trying something simple like providing good content on a topic people need and letting that sell itself? MINDBLOWING.

    1. I forgot to put the price on the page. I added it. Completely unintentional. Students who’ve been taking the course say the price is great for what they’re getting. Thanks for pointing that out to me. And I certainly give away a ton of great content. I also have a very extensive free email course (see the widget on the right, bright yellow) that is packed full of stuff I’ve worked hard learning.

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