Scene Mastery Boot Camp ~ Geyserville, California

There’s still time to sign up for our Scene Mastery Boot Camp set in the heart of California’s gorgeous wine country! And, yes, there will be wine …

Why a boot camp?

Because getting away from the daily grind and distractions affords you the opportunity to focus 100% on your writing. No cleaning, laundry, meals to cook. Just indulge in your creativity.

At our boot camps, you’ll spend three full days with other writers, writing, brainstorming, reading your material, getting constructive feedback and personal attention, and having fun!

How often do you get out of your cage and just hang out with other creatives in a small group setting like this?

Boot camps are a far cry from attending a large conference. While conferences can be exciting and instructional, they can also be impersonal on some levels. And you rarely get individualized help to deal with the particular issues you are presently struggling with in your writing. I don’t know about you, but staying alone in a hotel room can be lonely, even after socializing at a conference all day!

At our boot camps, you have a village at hand to help you excel at your craft. You won’t believe how much you can progress in just three days!

At our Scene Mastery boot camps, you’ll learn all about the types of scenes you can craft, when to use which ones, where specific scenes go in a novel and why. You’ll learn how to bring in sensory detail in a masterful way. How to balance narrative, dialogue, action, direct thoughts, and backstory. You’ll go deep into character voice. All that and so much more!

Geyserville, California ~ June 9 -12

Our Geyserville, California, boot camp is set in a gorgeous wine region. Read about this Scene Mastery boot camp HERE.

The boot camp will be held at the beautiful Alexander Valley Hall, nestled in the midst of vineyards and surrounded by some of Sonoma’s finest wineries. We meet on Sunday, June 9, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. for a meet and greet at White Oak Winery, just south of Geyserville. There, you’ll meet the other writers attending and your instructors, have some yummy food and wine, and get your folder and homework assignments. From there, we’ll go wine tasting! So many great wineries just minutes away.

Boot camp starts Monday morning at 8:30 (coffee and fresh local pastries to start the day). You’ll spend all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday learning, writing, working, and discussing scene structure.Locally prepared lunch is included in the cost. The boot camp ends Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Be sure to come early on Sunday to explore the area and wine-taste. We’re encouraging everyone to stay at the Geyserville Hotel (mention the boot camp and get a discounted room rate). The hotel has a wonderful on-site restaurant (so you can grab breakfast before heading over to the hall). And it also has a heated pool and hot tub.

Sonoma County is gorgeous and especially in the early summer. It’s barely an hour drive north of San Francisco. Stay longer to take in more wineries and enjoy the fun towns of Geyserville and Healsburg.

Any questions? All the info you need to know is on our boot camp website at

Can’t make this boot camp? Check out the others.

Other Scene Mastery Boot Camps:

Nevada City, CA (Wine Country, Sonoma County): May 5 – 8

South Lake Tahoe: Sept. 29 – Oct 3 (read up on the Tahoe house and boot camps HERE).

Carmel, CA: Nov. 3 – 6.


Here are some words of praise for our boot camps:

“The boot camp was a great opportunity to have uninterrupted time to plot my novel. Susanne is so knowledgeable and freely shares info and material. I highly recommend it!” ~ Margaret Austin

“The Plotting Madness boot camp was a great experience for me. It was an intense three days of instruction, group interaction, and exercise designed to help lay out and plot my next book idea. It did just that.” ~ Don Sheagley

“This was my second workshop put on by C. S. Lakin She is a terrific teacher and writes the best ;how to write’ books on the market. Getting to work with her in person is an amazing experience. I highly recommend her workshops for anyone who really wants to learn how to write and to get a chance to work directly with a great teacher and a room full of very talented writers.” ~ Ed Markel

“Attending the Plotting Madness boot camp was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with a completed outline for my novel. I recommend the boot camp for writers of all levels.” ~ Linda Childers

“I arrived with a sliver of a concept, and I left with an outline of a great story. I highly recommend the boot camp!” ~ Peter J. Ryan

“Come with ideas about your story premise, characters, and plot and experience story plotting at its finest. C. S . Lakin provides professional and unselfish feedback to propel you on your way to writing a great novel!” ~ Carol Hill

“I don’t have enough superlatives to describe how valuable this experience was to me. Thank you, Susanne.” ~ Tim O’Neill

Hope you’ll join us this year and learn some great writing techniques and insights into plotting and scene structure.


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