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5 Stages of Writer’s Grief

Today’s guest post is by K. M. Barkley.

It has been said that writers are a different breed from normal human-beings. They feel differently, act differently, and live differently.

It’s true, we do a ton of stuff counter to the norm, if not completely backward. Grief is no different. Grief has become connected to death—in most cases, the death of a loved one being the most widely attributed. But, as writers, we deal with the death of self, identity, confidence, careers, and the lives of the stories we tell.

The roadmap of conquering the emotional downturn of pain, sorrow, and distress has been coined in the “Five Stages of Grief”: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. But as writers, we must do things ass-backward, naturally. Continue Reading…

Write Yourself out of Depression: Practical Self-Therapy for Creative Writers

Today’s guest post is by author and writing instructor Rayne Hall.

Do you feel like you’re trapped in a dark hole of morass, sinking deeper and deeper, the mud rising to your hips, your chest, your throat? Is despair smothering you like a heavy blanket? Is your own life moving past you like a train, and you are forced to watch and cannot board? Has crippling lethargy wrapped its tentacles around you so tightly that you cannot move, sucking from you all energy and the will to live?

If you want to get better, to feel alive again, if you want to step out of this darkness and take control of your recovery, you can use your skill with words to help yourself.

I’ve been there. I understand. Together with Alexander Draghici, a psychologist specialising in emotional disorders, I’ve written a book to guide writers like you out of the dark hole.

You can be your own therapist and at the same time improve your fiction-writing skills. Continue Reading…

The Positive Side of Rejection

Today’s guest post is from author and blogger Angela Ackerman, whose insightful wisdom can be found at The Bookshelf Muse.

I bet a few eyebrows jumped up at reading the title of this post. In fact, right now people are crossing their arms and expelling a bitter laugh or two as they recall the soul-eating, BP-oil-spill darkness that accompanied their last rejection. Something positive? What, it came in an email so no trees had to die to deliver it? Come on, Angela, get real.

Okay, first of all, saving trees is a good thing. 🙂 But that’s not what I mean. All rejections, paper or otherwise, have a positive side. Continue Reading…

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