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Tips on How to Land That 5- or 6-Figure Book Deal

Today’s guest post is by author and writing mentor Lisa Tener:

Over ten years ago, I attended a writers’ conference where, while waiting in line to pitch to agents, I stood with several writers who lamented that it was “impossible to land an agent” and that the cards were stacked against new authors who wanted to get a book deal. I knew they were wrong because I’d landed a book deal—with far less expertise in writing or in the subject of my book than they had in theirs. They just hadn’t bothered to learn “The Rules,”  or practiced them and believed they’d work.

In that decade, both everything and nothing have changed. Continue Reading…

The Long Journey to the Perfect Short Story

Today’s guest post is by Jen Scott, associate editor at Firewords Quarterly:

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that it affords me the opportunity to discover tremendous writers. On a personal level, showcasing their imagination and skill provides endless satisfaction. Some have been writing for years while, for others, I am the first editor to accept their work. Age is of no consequence: often a person’s first publishing success comes later in life, yet I have also eagerly published those who are still at high school. Moreover, some writers provide a long list of previous credits in esteemed magazines but are ultimately rejected, while others include a short, unassuming line of introduction and totally blow me away.

While there is no hard-and-fast formula for making a successful submission, time and time again I see writers with great potential falling into the same traps which lead to rejection. Here is some advice on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

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The Cycles of Book Sales

Today’s guest post is from Anthony Wessel, a book industry veteran and founder of DigitalBookToday.com. I enjoy having my books promoted on his site and so asked Anthony to give me his non-author observations on indie book trends.

I read indie authors’ blogs about the lack of sales in the past months. Most indie authors have only been through one or maybe two holiday seasons. A book is a product. Just like with most products there is a sales cycle on a year-to-year basis.

Readers are still buying books in the same cycle as they always have. Just on a different medium. Continue Reading…

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