Mind Your Yesses and Nos

Lots of little words mess us writers up. Here’s a list of some with their proper spelling (and note whether they are capitalized or not).

You may want to put these in your notebook and keep handy at your desk:

  • yesses and nos and maybes
  • dos and don’ts
  • MAs, PhDs, BSs, US, DC, ID, US, CIA, FBI (the style is to leave out the periods)
  • ifs, ands, and buts
  • I sent thank-yous
  • coworker (used to be hyphenated but now it’s not)
  • How many “to be continueds” should we expect? (put the s inside the quotes if you are pluralizing a word or expression)
  • Mind your p’s and q’s
  • Dot your i’s and cross your t’s

We’ll be covering more of these from time to time, but too many at once might give you a headache!

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