You Woke Me . . . or Did You Wake Me?

These often mess me up, so I thought I’d share them with you.
This is how to conjugate the verb to sink:

Sink, sank, sunk (I see too often writers using sunk instead of sank):

I sink
I sank
I had sunk into the water.

(To drink follows the same pattern.)

This is how you conjugate to wake:

Wake, woke, waken (or woken):

I wake
I woke up
I had waken (woken).

Or you may choose this route . . . 

Awaken, awoke, awaked (or awakened):

I awaken [wake up]
I awoke [woke up]
I had awaked (awakened) [waked up]

Is this starting to get as muddled to you as it is to me? I think I’ve awakened to a sunk feeling . . . I mean, a sinking feeling . . .

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  1. I just wish I had time to sleep so you could wake me up! :-)Yes, some of these verbs are really confusing. And sometimes none of the options actually sound right when you speak them. Oh, the joys of the English language.

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