Inflammatory Distinctions

Logic would tell us that flammable might be the opposite of inflammable. But we all know the English language is often not logical. And if you read the post on semimonthly and bimonthly, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

So, in keeping with the ridiculous, those two words mean the same thing (whereas bimonthly might mean two completely different things).

Most warning labels, therefore, use flammable when stating to use care with a product. Too often people assume—logically—that inflammable must mean an object won’t catch on fire.

Oddly (or are we not beyond “odd” by now?), we use inflammatory when talking about something that rouses trouble or passions: “He gave an inflammatory speech.” But there is no word flammatory. You’d think there would be one, and it would be interchangeable, just as flammable and inflammable are.

But that’s English for you. And it inflames my patience!


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  1. Inflammatory Distinctions – Like the stars in The Three Amigos, could it be folks are thinking that In-Famous is more than just Famous?

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