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Everything You Need to Know about Your Author Website

This post originally ran on my publishing site The Self Publisher. Check to see if your author website rocks!

You know you need one. Or maybe you already have one.

But is your author website everything it needs to be?

What is the point of having an author website, and what does it need to accomplish?

The answer seems obvious: your website is the place readers discover you and your books and, one hopes, compels readers to buy those books.

But it’s not as simple as posting great book descriptions and sharing a few photos of yourself, your cat, and your awesome book covers. So much more goes into creating an effective author website. It’s all part of your larger marketing strategy.

There is often a correlation between your website and book sales.

Numerous authors who previously sold barely a handful of books have gone on to make a fortune in sales after revamping ineffective websites, so it behooves any serious author to invest some time and money in crafting one. Continue Reading…

The Best Way Writers Can Build Their Brand

 If you’re a writer, at some point you’ve daydreamed about success and what that would look like.

Your book topping at #1 on the best-seller lists.

Your name popping up on blog posts and news articles, along with praise for your masterpiece.

Fans sending you emails and posting reviews daily, gushing with enthusiasm over your book and expressing eagerness for your next release.

Oh, the fame and fortune and glamor that await …

But … you know that for these dreams to become reality you have to do more than write a terrific book. You have to create a brand.

A what? you ask.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “platform,” but you haven’t considered developing one for yourself. You may believe that “platform” and “brand” are for nonfiction writers, and you write fiction.

But all writers have to establish themselves in the marketplace to stand out in a unique way. And potential readers, coming across your website or your book on Amazon, are going to get a quick impression about you, what you write, and what your new release is about.

And this is where brand comes in. Continue Reading…

The Best Way to Rack Up Book Reviews on Amazon

This post was featured on my site The Self Publisher some months ago and I want to share it with you here.

Imagine seeing an ad pop up on Facebook advertising your recently published book—an ad you didn’t pay for.

Imagine seeing your book appearing first in a line of recommended books on the product pages of similar books, and you didn’t pay for a sponsored ad.

Imagine hearing from readers that they learned about your book from an Amazon email blast that encouraged them to buy it.

Wouldn’t it be great to get all that free promotion?

You can—when you get enough authentic, approved reviews on Amazon.

Yes, Amazon Will Promote Your Book!

While Amazon’s algorithms are somewhat of a mystery, it’s a known truth that when your book accrues a certain number of reviews, or a lot of reviews in a short amount of (unspecified) time, Amazon kicks into gear multiple promotions for your book. Free promotion that would probably cost a fortune if you had to foot the bill.

The magic number to start the ball rolling in this free promotion is 50. Fifty reviews merits cross promotion and ranking your book higher than others in the same categories based on search terms. With 75 reviews, Amazon is triggered to send email blasts to customers who’ve bought similar books. Amazon utilizes customer data to provide relevant recommendations.

I get tickled when I’m reading a blog and suddenly one of my books pops up on the side—an Amazon-sponsored ad—suggesting I buy that book. No thanks, already have it. But it brings a smile to my face. Did I mention I love free promotion? I am sure you will too. Continue Reading…

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