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How (and Why!) to Build an Email Following

Today’s guest post is by Scott Lieberman.

Perseus Books Group reached out to me. They wanted to pay me to write fiction. They would choose the topic. I’d write it.

I had never written a book. I had my work published in magazines. But that wasn’t what caught their eye.

It was my email list. My built-in audience.

They felt my writing style matched their book idea. And just as importantly (or maybe more so!) I had a platform upon which to market it.

If you plan to self-publish, your email list is even more vital.

Folks who join your email list are your biggest fans. We all get way too many emails. These kind people are willingly giving you permission to message them. You have their attention! Continue Reading…

The Secret to a Successful Book Publishing Career

Yes, I know there is more than one “secret.” But what is the most important aspect to garnering success as an author? Growing your audience or readership. And readers can’t glomp onto your books if they can’t find them online.

I’ve addressed this discoverability issue head on in my blog posts, my free Amazon success email course (click on the widget on the right), and in my Targeting Genre for Big Sales course.

This is a very personal issue for me because, once I got published, I thought my novels would jettison to the top of the best-seller lists. From all the great reviews and comments from agents and publishers and readers, I was confident I would see sales of millions of copies of my novels. Silly me.

I didn’t know then what I know now. Continue Reading…

How to Write an Effective Book Proposal

At some point in your writing journey, no doubt you’ve thought about submitting your manuscript to an agent or publisher. Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, you’ll want to present your project in a way that will effectively convey the purpose or plot as well as showcase your amazing writing talent.

Even if you’re on the self-publishing track, there may come a time when you want to pitch your manuscript or book idea with the hope of landing a traditional publishing contract.

And you’ve probably heard that agents and publishers will want a book proposal.

But does every book require a proposal? If so, what’s included?

If you write nonfiction, you’re expected to provide a book proposal, and there are specific elements agents and publishers want to see.

If you write fiction, you may be surprised to learn that a fiction proposal might be your ticket around the gatekeepers.

I put together a brief but targeted book proposal for my fantasy series and landed a three-book deal with a publisher—without the acquiring editor ever reading a single manuscript.

While that’s highly unusual, it speaks to the persuasion a great book proposal can wield. Continue Reading…

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